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Amphibia - Reptilia


Herpetology Notes is an online-only and open access journal, published by the Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH) besides its main flagship journal, Amphibia Reptilia. Processing, editing and typesetting of manuscripts is carried out by an international team of editors who will also set up the articles online as PDF files immediately upon acceptance. The journal is hosted on the SEH web server. The current rejection rate is around 10%. Manuscripts that do not follow the editorial style will not be considered for publication and will be sent back to the authors. Recent issues of Herpetology notes may also be consulted before submitting a manuscript. Papers are available without charge on the website: http://www.biotaxa.org/hn

For back issues please see the old website at: http://www.herpetologynotes.seh-herpetology.org/

All articles published in Herpetology Notes will have consecutive numbers and papers will be published in one annual volume. Contents will be sent for indexing to the "Zoological Record". English is the official language for Herpetology Notes contributions.

Herpetology Notes has the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2071-5773 



The goal of Herpetology Notes is to offer a forum for fast and straightforward publication of natural history observations that otherwise may remain unpublished or in the grey literature. Although the focus of the journal is mainly on the European herpetofauna, contributions from other continents are also welcome. Herpetology Notes aims to publish all kinds of descriptive papers on the natural history and distribution of amphibians and reptiles. Being an online-only journal, taxonomic papers (especially descriptions of new species) are not accepted. Descriptive papers on the morphology or genetic variability (DNA barcoding), marker development (e. g. microsatellite loci) are also appreciated.